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Korea’s No. 1 installation type mat, 'bombom Mat'

Passed US FDA standards for the first time in the industry
Passed KC baby product safety standards
Passed antibacterial and anti-fungal tests
Passed the 8 major heavy metal standards
Passed the 7 major volatile organic compounds test (VOC)
Passed radon safety standards
Pass the fire safety test


Passed FDA test


Company-affiliated research institute


Ranked 1st in the Korean Consumer Evaluation for 5 consecutive years


Passed antibacterial test


Passed fire safety test

Outstanding features of 'bombom Mat'

Pollution prevention

Anti-electricity function

Function to prevent foreign substances from entering

high density urethane

interlocking structure

Air dome structure

Establishment of automated production facility with annual production capacity of 2 million units


Top quality, reliable functionality

Special printing and coatin

Silicone  coating
on  printing  

Reduce noise between floors 

Strengthening safety
+ Ultra high density urethane

+ Air dome structure
+ Air circulation structure

Silicone coating


Printing layer

Polyurethane layer


∎ Color :

'2023 Launching color : Marble Nature, Marble Snow

(Cozy beige, Cozy grey, White marble color : Import expected in the second half of 2024)

Marble Snow (마블스노우)

Marble Natue (마블네이쳐)

Marble nature 02_edited.jpg

Cozy beige, Cozy grey, White Marble

∎ Product Form :




∎ Size :

    SiliTouch Light  500 x 500 x 15mm   

    SiliTouch            500 x 500 x 25mm (Import expected in the first half of 2024)

    SiliTouch Plus    600 x 600 x 25mm (Import expected in the second half of 2024)

∎ Weight

     SiliTouch Light  880g

     SiliTouch           1150g (Import expected in the first half of 2024)

     SiliTouch Plus   1800g (Import expected in the second half of 2024)

∎ Manufacturing : Made in KOREA

​∎ Certification info. : Check flooring safety(KC CB025A0008-201) & FDA (Food and Drug Administration - USA)

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